KRACK-NOON is a lifestyle brand tailored for those individuals who enjoy drinking...

There’s no need to wait til “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”. That was then, “Krack-Noon” is now...

Krack-Noon was founded in Grand Island, NY which is part of the Buffalo, NY “716” area code . As the founder, I always try & surround myself with positive energies. I keep things in life “lite” and in perspective. I am hard-working but I also know the importance of taking time & having a lot of fun. I am blessed with a great family & friends who enjoy drinking and consuming various types of beer, wine & liquor, at varying times throughout the day and responsibly.

When possible, we find ourselves on or near a body of water. Many of our Krack-Noon followers share the same love for water – From the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers or Streams….. While Boating, Kayaking, Sailing, etc…. Whether you are out hunting, fishing, snorkeling, diving, swimming or just sitting on a beach, dock or by a pool, I believe each of us has experienced our own “krack-noon” moments.

In addition to the water you may share a love for outdoor concerts, festivals, fundraisers, etc. Any event, that takes place during the day, on any given day, not just the weekends or while you are on vacation is an authentic “Krack-Noon” moment…

Our brand logos encompass our favorite elements which you will find present, in most of our designs. Other logos are tailored differently; you decide which logo is right for you…..




Whether you love beer, wine or liquor our merchandise is tailored to each of those options… Heck, I enjoy drinking them all… simply depends on the day and what I may be doing at that time…..

My vision is for individuals like yourself to “like” our Facebook page and post your own “Krack-Noon” moments… Follow it up by purchasing some of our great apparel and products, wearing & using them proudly. Helping us spread the word……

As we grow, you will be able to purchase our merchandise adding your own “area code” to customize your apparel. This will be your way to put your “Krack-Noon” location, on the map.

I would like to see the “Krack-Noon” brand spread across the US and worldwide… With your support this is possible & will happen…..

Remember its 2016 & Krack-Noon is the best alternative to “its 5 o’clock somewhere”…. Join our party revolution and help spread the Krack-Noon brand around the world … Please go to Facebook now and be one of the first to “like” the “Krack-Noon brand & become part of our family…..


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